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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 7, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: back for seconds. a major nor'easter, the second in less than a week. travel is treacherous, flights are grounded, and hundreds of thousands will spend another night in the cold and dark. also tonight, double dare. >> how dare you. >> how dare you. >> glor: the battle between the justice department and california over illegal immigration. >> immigrants are welcome here! >> glor: the president will sign tariffs into law tomorrow. we're in steel country. >> i believe it means job security. >> it kind of made me nervous. >> glor: an adult film star sues for the right to talk about an alleged affair with the president. a new clue in the case of a poisoned russian spy. and a football star becomes a hero off the field.
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>> i truly believe they saved my dad's life. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. we're going to begin tonight with this storm that is sweeping up the northeast coast, the second in less than a week. more than 50 million people are again dealing with a dangerous mix of wind, rain, and heavy snow. what is different and especially daou is the lightning. more than 400,000 homes and businesses are without power tonight. when the day began, still in the dark from friday's storm. thousas canceled. amtrak is running fewer trains along the busy corridor from washington to boston right now. kr van cleave is in central park here in new york tonight where the snow is still piling up. kris? >> reporter: jeff, the northeast was still recovering from last week's storm, and this wet, heavy snow isn't helping.
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it's knocking out power, it's is stopping trains. wet, heavy snow created white-out conditions for in new york. one to three inches of snow fell per hour. snowplows tried the keep up, but they were no match as over a foot of snow fell on parts of new york and across pennsylvania. hazardous conditions along interstate 80 in pennsylvania caused multiple car wrecks. several tractor-trailers slid off the highway and several people were hurt. airport, the storm temporarily halted flight operations as crews worked to clear runways. in the new york city area, residents not only got heavy snow but also experienced thunder snow, which made usually unimpressed new yorkers take notice. >> whoa. >> reporter: this is the second nor'easter to slam the area in less than a week. millions of people from new york
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to maine are still in its path. utility crews in new jersey have been working 16-hour shifts since monday to restore power. new jersey governor phil murphy. >> folks are frustrated enough. count me among them. we got to do a post-mortem and figure out how we can still have 20-odd thousand outages. >> reporter: in scarsdale, new york, myrna manner is going on her sixth day without electricity. she lost power during friday's storm. >> food spoiled and had to be thrown away. it's been a complete and total disaster. >> reporter: when the snow stops, parts of new york city could see nearly a foot of snow. schools in many places will be closed, and those power crews will be working to get the lights back on contending with not only cold temperatures but gusting winds. jeff? >> glor: kris van cleave leading us off tonight. kris, thank you very much. along the coast, the major threat again is flooding. demarco morgan is in duxbury, massachusetts, which is still drying out from the last storm.
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demarco, how is it looking tonight? >> reporter: jeff, good evening. this entire block here is it has been raining non-stop for the past couple of hours. and officials here believe the flooding will only get worse. the ocean engulfed dozens of homes in duxbury, massachusetts. a nor'easter that blasted through last week battered and broke open two sections of this 65-year-old seawall, leaving some areas under four feet of water. fire chief kevin nord is worried about more flooding with the high tide. chief, what's your biggest fear? >> losing this for the town, and to lose this and compromise this whole area would change really the landscape. immediately, though, it's always the residents and make sure we protect their homes. >> reporter: take a look at this huge, gaping hole right here. now these stones and massive rocks have been placed here as the last line of defense to save homes like this one and many others in this area. yesterday the duxbury fire department went door to door
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advising residents to evacuate. tim spellman didn't need to be told twice. you're about to get out of dodge, you and your family? >> right now, exactly. we leaving right now, as soon as we finish. the water will come over the road, and we won't be able to get out of here. for the first time i've been here since 1989 i've seen the wall move, never mind crack or fall into the ocean. >> reporter: that concerns you? >> very concerned. if i lose that seawall, i'll probably lose my house in the ocean. >> reporter: the duxbury fire department just informed us another chunk of the seawall just broke off, and this is raising even more concern tonight. jeff? >> glor: demarco morgan, tenuous situation there along the coast. the storm is expected to move out overnight. philadelphia, new york, and boston will end up with around a half a foot of slushy snow. inland area in higher elevations could get as much as two feet from this storm. and more snow could be on the horizon for next week. the last full week of winter. the legal battle between the president and a former adult
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film star escalated today. she has filed a lawsuit seeking permission to talk about an alleged affair with mr. trump. his legal team denies the affair and says she needs to follow art jan crawford has more on this. jan? >> reporter: jeff, the president's personal lawyer tried to head off this lawsuit and keep ms. daniels from talking. he got a restraininortder last e arbitration that he says, amongst other things, blocked her from filing it. the white house says that proves the president has prevailed. but her lawyer told cbs news molts ago that those claims are "ludicrous." when allegations of an affairene news earlier this year -- >> did you have a sexual relationship with donald trump? >> reporter: -- stormy daniels went on late-night television and said her lips were sealed. >> do you have a non-disclosure
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agreement? >> do i? >> reporter: daniels now wants the "hush mr. trump never signed it. hip withalleges she started an mr. trump ummer of 2006 that continued well into 2007. that would have been shortly after his wife mellencamp gave birth to their son. flash forward nine years. less than two weeks before the 2016 election, daniels signed a non-disclosure agreement under the pseudonym pulling -- peggy peterson, taking $130,000 in exchange for her silence. mr. trump's personal attorney michael cohen also signed the agreement. the lawsuit says mr. trump, using the alias david dennison, left his signature line blank. for man who likes his name on all his properties, as a businessman mr. trump reportedly used pseudonyms to tal:@to the media or defend his real estate dealings. after the story broke, cohen
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said publicly mr. trump didn't know about the agreement and that he made the payment on his own. >> i think it is completely uncredible. >> reporter: on cbs this morning daniels' lawyer michael avenatti scoffed. >>would have to conclude that mr. cohen was operating on his own, mr. trump knew nothing about it, and, in fact, the drafted agreement had a place for mr. trump to sign, multiple places. >> reporter: cbs news legal analyst rikki kleinman says it's not whether mr. trump knew about the agreement and failed to sign it, the key issue of whether daniels can tell all is that cohen broke the secrecy. it sounds like you're saying that's a pretty good argument. >> i think the best argument is that michael cohen talked about it and that therefore the door is open. >> glor: so if attorney cohen compromised the agreement by talking, why can't daniels talk, too, why does she need the file this lawsuit? >> here's the thing. there is a clause that she would have to pay $1 million in damages to a person she said is
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donald trump every time she talks. so it would at least be in her interest to try to get approval from a judge before she says anything. jeff? >> glor: chief legal correspondent jan crawford. jan, thanks very much. the trump administration's feud with california intensified today when the justice department sued the state over its sanctuary laws that protect undocumented immigrants. 21% of the nation's undocumented population lives in california. john blackstone tonight has more on this. >> california, we have a problem. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions traveled to the heart of the resistance. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> reporter: telling california to back off on immigration. >> california is using every power it has, powers it doesn't have, to frustrate federal law enforcement. > reporter: while attorney general sessions was inside complaining about california obstructing justice, these protesters were outside
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obstructing traffic. this demonstration attracted outsiders wearing make america great again signs. >> you described this in terms of war with the federal government today. >> we've never had washington come to california and sue the state and make up lies. >> reporter: the justice department's lawsuit attempts to block three state law, one restricts police from tipping off immigration agents about someone's legal status. another prevents ice from keeping detainees in local jails, and a third requires private employers to give notice before cooperating with ice. a flash point for sessions was oakland mayor libby schaaf tipping off her city about recent immigration raids. >> i was absolutely within my right toar message to mayor schaaf: ho needlessly endanger e lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open-borders agenda. >> they're talking about going
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to the supreme court. this lawsuit will last a lot longer than the trump administration. >> reporter: john, the justice department believes it will eventually win this battle in the u.s. supreme court. how is california now defending itself? >> officials here suggested today they will use states rights. they'll argue the 10th amendment to enforce federal laws. >> glor: john blackstone in sacramento, thank you. there was a deadly school shooting in alabama today. the police say two students were shot during dismissal at huffman high school in birmingham. one died. the other is in critical condition. the police say the shooting may have been accidental. the school was locked down as a precaution. tomorrow the president will formalize his plan for a 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% on aluminum. the administration suggested today there may be some exemptions for u.s. allies, including can this and mexico. nancy cordes is following this story tonight. nancy?
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>> reporter: jeff, congressional republicans are making a lasting-ditch attempt tonight to change the president's mind on this issue ahead of that announcement tomorrow. 107 of them have just sent him a letter expressing "deep concern about the prospect of broad global tariffs on aluminum and steel" and warning that the move will make u.s. businesses less competitive and u.s. consumers poorer. republican leaders from the speaker on down have been warning the president for days that the kind of across-the-board tariffs he's been talking about could spark a trade war. in fact, just today e.u. officials announced they might retal te with penalties on u.s. products ranging from cranberries to peanut butter to orange juice. republicans are urging the leaso make these tariffs more narrowly targeted at countries like china, and it appears the white house is listen, because today for the first time, jeff, they said that countries like mexico
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and canada, u.s. allies essentially, might be exempt. >> glor: nancy cordes on capitol hill. the president did narrowly win the battleground state of pennsylvania in 2016 partly on his promise to revive the steel industry. michelle miller went to steel country to get tariff plan reaction. >> reporter: wheatland, pennsylvania, is home to one of the largest steel pipe makers in north america. zekelman industries has more than a dozen plants like this in the u.s. >> in this facility there's 275 people that work here. >> reporter: c.e.o. barry zekelman told us he expects to add hundreds of jobs in wall streetland alone and pick up production if trump's 25% tariff on foreign steel becomes reality. >> steel is the backbone. we can be the become bone again. what we could do is employ a lot more people. we could be proud to walk through these plants that are sitting idle right now. how's it running today? >> reporter: he's so fired up about the president's trade
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plan, he's pledged to give $1,000 to each of his 2,000 employees every year the tariff stands. >> i believe it means job security. >> reporter: that's a welcome surprise for karen yanak, who is a machine operator. >> i truly believe that we're going to get a lot of the domestic business back. >> reporter: but some workers like nikki jagers are more cautious. >> it gave me hope for us, but what about the other industries? >> reporter: you're worried about a trade war? >> yes. >> reporter: five hours away in allentown, an american architectural metal roof part, georgia tia is worried about something else. your fear is? >> possibly a slowdown in work and orders because of price increases. >> reporter: with less than a dozen employees, low-priced steel boosts his company's bottom line. the start to 2018 has been his best on record.
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sales up are 20%. he says tariffs would force him to pags on higher prices to his customers. >> the prices are going to go up.e the ones that have to pay for it, the manufacturers and the end users. every day for a small busines o. this is just one more thing that's going to make us have to go out and fight. >> reporter: now he's one of the 6.5 million workers who depend on industries that buy steel. the numb of wer who actually make steel, jeff, roughly 140,000. >> glor: michelle miller back from steel country. michelle, thank you very much. up next here on the "cbs evening news," who could be behind the poisoning of a former russian spy living in england? and later... [laughter] very strange voices on some ofxa d by everything you've tried--
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today in the poisoning of an ex-russian spy whom the kremlin considered a traitor. elizabeth palmer reports it has become clear this was no amateur operation. >> in summary, this is being treated as a major incident involving attempted murder by administration of a nerve agent. >> reporter: attempted murder because the victim, sergei scripal, a former russian military officer and his daughter yulia are still clinging to life after they collapsed in this park in salisbury on sunday. one of the police officers who helped them is also in serious condition. here's skripal two weeks before the attack, buying groceries. he had done jail time in russia for spying in the 1990s, but he came to britain as part of a prisoner exchange negotiated with moscow in 2010. this modest brick house is where sergei scripal settled when he came to the u.k.
6:49 pm
he wasn't living like man who was afraid for his life. in fact, he was publicly listed at this address under his own name. so a soft target who suffered an outrageous attack with a lethal banned chemical agent. the most common are sarin and v.x., but they are very difficult to get hold of and just as difficult to use. >> there's obviously been a lot of speculation that the russian state may be behind this, but are there other possibilities? >> absolutely. russian organized crime networks, for example, or even agents, russian agents that skripal may have outed during his time as a spy who are now looking for revenge. >> glor: liz palmer, thanyo when we come back here tonight,. cheers in the halls of stoneman douglas high thanks to a douglas high thanks to a surprise guest. in just two weeks!
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>> glor: fort lauderdale, florida, today, a grand jury indicted the alleged gunman in the parkland school massacre on 17 counts of first-degree murder, one for each of the 17 who died. if convicted, 19-year-old nikolas cruz could face the death penalty. tonight in response to the parkland shootings, florida's legislature approved new gun laws. they include a ban on sales to anyone under 21 and allowing some teachers to carry guns. a surprise visitor brought some joy to marjory stoneman douglas high school today. >> my man. my man. >> glor: the miami heat's dwyane wade posed for selfies. joaquin oliver, one of 14 students killed in the shootings last month was buried in a wade jersey. wade has dedicated the rest of the season to him. this story may south like something out of the twilight zone, but amazon admits that dee let laughter.[laughter]
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unusual bruising, or tingling. if you've had spinal anesthesia, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures and before starting xarelto® about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. >> glor: now jamie yuccas with the play of the week executed by pair of nfl players and their friends. >> reporter: dan and eli smoker took a selfie on saturday to remember their perfect climb up castle rock in colorado. going down was a different story for the grandfather and grandson. >> i went down first.
6:58 pm
and i was climbing down. then i heardwh shoe slipping, and i turned around to see my grandpa falling, and i saw him hit the ground. >> reporter: dan fell more than 20 feet. n.f.l. players and brothers christian and max mccaffery happened to be nearby, and christian called 911 while other good samaritans kept dan alive and eli calm. >> my mind was working at a million miles an hour, like i was just thinking, will my grandpa survive this. >> reporter: dan did survived but is being treated for a broken leg, neck and pelvis, nine broken ribs and a blood clot on his brain. the players visited the family at the hospital. what did that mean to you? >> i can't thank them enough honestly. >> reporter: eli and his dad are even more grateful today. the 72-year-old took a breath without machines, and he saw his grandson. >> and his eyes just lit up.
6:59 pm
>> reporter: a small step in the climb to a full recovery. jamie yuccas, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: and that is t
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stormy daniels secret. did president trump use an alias? >> there is an alias for donald trump. >> new allegations of an intimate relationship with the president inside a bungalow at the beverly hills hotel. then was this woman groped during a traffic stop? routine stop and frisk or something else? >> when he said we have to stop meeting like this, i felt like that was a come on. >> and monster storm hacks. what you can do if your power goes out. look at this thing. it's like a glowing lantern.
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is o.j. simpson confessing to murdering his ex-wife, nicole? >> i do remember that. >> it is so bie.


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